Premium single vineyard in the Adelaide Hills


The vineyard is in the Adelaide Hills region (more particularly, in the Lenswood GI), and is on the Adelaide - Lobethal Road between Lobethal and Lenswood. 

The thing that sets the terroir of the Adelaide Hills apart is altitude (or is that attitude?).  The Adelaide Hills region has a median altitude across the region of 392m -- and our vineyard reaches an elevation of more than 460m above sea level. 

The vineyard was planted in 2001, with 5.5 hectares of Pinot Noir and 2.5 hectares of Chardonnay, with a good mix of traditional clones. The property was selected and planted with the objective of growing premium fruit for premium wine. 

The vineyard soil is fertile brown loam over clay, with thinner topsoil areas on the ridges with broken shale and stone. The property is undulating with some very steep areas that provide (optimal) north and north-east facing orientation and aspect.

Summer months on the vineyard are generally warm and dry, with average temperatures considerably cooler than other Australian wine regions, the more-so on our elevated vineyard. We also have a higher rainfall compared with other wine Australian regions, with rain occurring mainly during the winter months.

(By the way, Lobethal was founded in 1838, with the emigration to Australia of Lutheran families seeking to escape Prussian persecution. One of its early occupations, apart from farming, was the making of cricket bats from the native willow trees that abounded there. Amidst anti-German feeling in WWI, it changed its name to Tweedvale, only to see sense in 1935 and revert to its original name. For its part, Lenswood was formed in 1917 and was named in honour of the WWI battle and loss of life of Allied forces at Lens in north western France, not far from Vimy Ridge. Lens is now home to the first outpost of The Louvre.)